caption contest

Bits and Pieces held a caption contest for a photo of this...innovative toilet? Via Bits and Pieces Here are some of the
We spend most of our days coming up with funny things to say about photos, so it's only fair that we put our dear readers
What caption would you write for this photo? Send us your best by using the hashtag #SundayCaptionContest on Twitter or by
The last week of June was a big one for the topless activists of FEMEN; on Tuesday, three bare-chested protesters stormed
Little needs to be said about this photo. Here's the Leader of the Free World taking his jacket off in front of a crowd prior
A minor international controversy erupted this week when New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed Russian President
The United Nations vs. the Terminator? That's a battle we never thought we'd see. This past week, a UN human rights expert
Being president has its perks, including getting to hang with big name celebs. In April, President Barack Obama invited Justin
We know all politicians can be "greedy pigs," but we've never seen it portrayed quite so literally. This week, Kenyans released