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Currently, the GM SUVs are among the least-efficient new passenger vehicles on the road, and the mileage hasn’t improved much in the past decade.
Weird News
A Pittsburgh driver made a peculiar discovery after smelling something burning during a drive.
"You're an inspiration," the player told her.
This is the first of potentially many vehicles that will be cut from the American market due to president's tariffs, warns industry expert.
Panama For a relaxing winter retreat, we like these four destinations because they're hot, beautiful, and easy to explore
How to get there: Explore offMetro's Mini Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding for specific directions, or check out Urban Sherpa's
2. Listen to your car. You may know little about cars, but anything out of the ordinary would catch your eye. A scratch by
Check the Payment Process beforehand: Most of the car carrier companies demand full payment before the product is delivered
There is no question: Africa is magnificent, but the infrastructure is a mess. Its size, roads, and groundwork makes the overland travel option intimidating at best, and terrifying to worst.
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
Good News
"It doesn't matter what job you're at, as long as you try hard and do your best you can make it,"
Clean, electric, robot vehicles would be like R2D2's with seats. The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is investigating
A little bit of homework could save you a bundle of cash—not to mention spare you a load of stress.
The Rasa is a two seater ‘network electric’ car, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. It’s the synthesis of all these technologies that delivers the groundbreaking efficiency and range, many times better than inserting fuel cells into conventional, heavy, vehicles.
In nearly 38 years of marriage, I have found that food shopping is a matter of putting the cart before the horse's behind. This explains why I am the designated driver whenever I go to the supermarket with my wife, Sue.
The fact that these cases were heard in the same week may be merely coincidental, but it nevertheless sends out a strong signal that commanders who commit or permit atrocities will ultimately be held responsible.