car accident

Gina Domingo helped the actor and comedian recover from the 2014 accident that left him in critical condition.
The woman was crossing the street at the crosswalk when an SUV struck her.
"If it wasn't for that, I'd be a dead man," the near-victim said of the lawman's actions.
Kathryn Schurtz and her fiance, Joseph Kearney, were involved in a fiery five-vehicle pileup.
A surgeon, a criminologist and a transportation expert offer their theories.
A school bus carrying a group of fifth graders collided with a dump truck, leaving a teacher and a student dead.
Fort Worth Officer Matt Lesell was able to get himself off the highway and detain the driver who'd hit him.
Poleon is reflecting on the incident and looking at the positives. The following day she was surprised by how much support