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But, costs vary widely by state. In fact, depending on where you live, your state could add up to $7,217 to the cost of buying
Tip for this tactic: Some dealers might also offer good Black Friday incentives on new models, according to Consumer Reports
Scott Marshall, founder of the blog Safe Driver and judge on 'Canada’s Worst Driver' on Discovery Network Drivers should
10. Cautious Exploration You gingerly step into the vehicle and start her up. The salesman offers several words of helpful
While it's true that getting a good price is a big part of the hunt, the biggest, most important, super-secret strategy to turn the stealth hunter (them) into the prey: stand tough and fight to maximize your dollar throughout the process.
Dealers are celebrating that $23, because it's a huge swing from 2010 figures, when dealers lost $180 for every car they
UPDATE: HuffPost caught up up with Merkley off the Senate floor. Ultimately, he said, there were two reasons his amendment
As early as Thursday, the Senate will consider an amendment by Sam Brownback of Kansas that would exempt auto dealers from a proposed new consumer financial protection bureau.
The U.S. government is likely to inject $2.8 billion to $5.6 billion of capital into the Detroit company, on top of the $12.5
Auto dealerships spent roughly $8 billion in advertising in 2008, according to data provided by the National Automobile Dealers