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The driver looks back on his journey to an authentic life in a new documentary executive-produced by Patrick Dempsey.
Sorry, that bland joke is the best Arie Luyendyk Jr. deserves.
The moment of truth for the HeartGift Baja Racing Team is almost here. The Team is already in Ensenada, Baja California, ready to cross the starting line of the grueling 1,130-mile, 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race tomorrow, November 13.
The race tests both machines and humans as it takes place over some of the harshest and most unforgiving terrain in the Baja peninsula, including desert, sand traps, rocks, steep hills, cattle crossings and, yes, even some paved roads here and there.
When I fire up the engine in my race car, I focus 100 percent on the task at hand: bringing home a win. As a race car driver, if you are not focused, you can go from winning to wrecking out your car in a split second.
'I could have been a stay-at-home mom. But really, think about it. Join the PTA versus drive the tow truck and race trailer to Monterey, California to compete in a Valvoline ProVee? No contest,' says Lisa Noble, a 58-year-old race car driver from Kansas.
Since the day I began my racing career, I noticed something very special about the motorsports industry: the people.
What makes a guy like this go on? Here, after having a few days to decompress post Le Mans 2012, the 42 year-old Scot talks about what spurs him on and the evils of texting behind the wheel.
Randy Bernard has a tough job: Running a racing series that has lost a large amount of its fan following since the mid-90s and is still sliding downhill somewhat. If Randy was to come to me and hand the keys to Indycar over to me here is what I would do
“Reading brings everyone together," Dixon said. After not finding any books about IndyCar racing, Dixon settled for "NASCAR
"It's a pretty interesting model -- in return for their donations, these companies get real estate on our website and on
"My design is like a blueprint transferred onto the bodywork.” -Frank Stella See all the cars here. “Ndebele art has, in
The "bad" can mean anything from leeches to fake promises to non-sports crises. "I can remember when females were not allowed
More than an hour before Castroneves stalled in pit road, teammate Will Power's crew left part of the fuel rig in his tank
As I read Go Like Hell, I turned the pages faster, heart humming on all cylinders -- you can ignore the racing story (if you must) and thrill to this book as a business saga, an adventure story or even a mythic quest.
To my great astonishment, The Art of Racing in the Rain is told by a dog. (I'm not a pet-lover). It contains many insights about car racing. (I have no interest in car racing).