Learn about how DASH, the Mediterranean diet and other eating plans can help you add ingredients to your repertoire, not take them away.
Human breast milk contains a 1-2 ratio of fat to carbohydrates, suggesting some people may still be chasing the feeling it gave them.
Halloween is the kickoff to a season of sweet indulgences. But it's still possible to have a healthy Halloween and holiday season. The following tips can help keep you and your family on a healthy track.
This ping-pong pattern of weight change is discouraging for the earnest dieter. Mark Twain famously observed, "losing weight
Now more than ever, whole-grain versions of your favorite packaged foods exist on just about every grocery store shelf. But
If there's one number the health-conscious know, it's their cholesterol level.
It was a moment not unlike the one this week when my mother - my mother, who never knowingly walks down a street unless it's