Carb loading, carb cycling and carb backloading have become trendy strategies for optimizing our diets. But are they effective?
Thinking of going low-carb? Maybe think again.
We eat 480,000 metric tons of rice a year, but many of us don't know what it is.
RG: Would you advise migraine patients to try a ketogenic diet? Di Lorenzo: There are not particular risks for patients who
These days, carbohydrates are frequently demonized by popular media and diet culture. People often proclaim the “benefits
Not only do you put on pounds, you also climb on a roller coaster of blood sugar spikes and crashes that can wreak havoc
Here's a little gem I'll bet you don't know: in a first-of-its-kind study, researchers compared the effect of a low-carb
For better health, we should ignore the fable--and maybe even avoid the label. After all, just because it comes in a package doesn't make it a gift and fresh whole foods are always preferable to highly processed items.
We now know that fueling can improve your performance but what exactly should you eat? The most common pre workout foods
We found that potatoes are more nutrient-dense than many other staple foods in South Africa. These include maize meal, rice
The more your blood sugar goes up and down, the more you gain weight and the more you are at risk for the complications of diabetes. Resistant starch helps stabilize your blood sugar more than any other known compound.
You already know to avoid added sugars, but now the evidence is mounting that another type of carbohydrate may also be implicated in weight gain and diabetes risk -- starch.
Here are five simple food switches that can take years off your appearance. Hopefully you'll find these new foods taste just as good (or even better!) than the foods they replace.
If they spent any time reading outside of their government-approved formal education, they'd understand pretty quickly that all calories are not created equal. It's the composition of those calories that determines whether we burn and lose, or store and gain.
Dr. Hyman is also popularizing the notion that goes a step beyond "food is medicine" to "food is information." Food tells