A profound and inevitable transformation underway. Greenpeace will continue to challenge mindsets and collaborate with those
These innovative sneakers were made mostly out of recycled carbon dioxide emissions.
Require that new airplanes certified after 2020 reduce carbon dioxide emissions substantially based on a metric accounting
We just made critical progress in the fight against global climate change.
"Our vision is millions of people living and working in space, and New Glenn is a very important step," said Jeff Bezos, unveiling this week his space travel company Blue Origin's giant rocket named after Astronaut John Glenn.
Last week we celebrated Earth Day! We expressed our gratitude for all that our wonderful planet has to offer us--and supported
The climate crisis is unfolding far more rapidly than scientists predicted. It's a problem of spectacular and unprecedented magnitude, and humans have to implement large-scale solutions to help de-escalate this crisis.
People with less money have significantly lower carbon footprints than people with more money.
We rely on these forest businesses to deliver products such as timber and paper that we use every day. And whether we like