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It's also possible that the consideration of emissions could add another component to offset systems such as those compensating
What About Coal Country? In a nutshell, he concedes that a carbon price will drive up energy costs, but he argues it won't
California is often at the forefront of implementing strong environmental regulations, many times going beyond what the federal Environmental Protection Agency requires. We hope other state and country leaders will follow California's example as the world comes together to build off of the momentum of the Paris agreement.
When climate negotiators signed off on the historic Paris Agreement in December, they opened the door for countries to begin cross-border trading of greenhouse-gas emission reductions and signaled the advent of a price on carbon, which world leaders from Canada's Justin Trudeau to Ethiopia's Hailemariam Desalegn say is needed to get companies slashing greenhouse-gas emissions today.
With the Paris framework in place, momentum for bottom-up, decentralized market-based policies will only increase -- and at the core of such systems are transparency and integrity.
With eyes turned in anticipation toward the negotiation halls and what national leaders will deliver, the unsung heroes of the low carbon revolution continue to move forward faster, bolder and more ambitious than before.
A cannon fired golden confetti into the air to celebrate the opening of China's first cap-and-trade pilot market, the Tianjin Climate Exchange, in 2008, to help address climate change. Then, in 2015, after establishing six additional pilots, China announced it would soon be implementing a national cap-and-trade system.
The program, while commendable, doesn't change the fact that Chevy's business is harmful to the planet.
In order to halt climate change, close to 100 percent of the world's scientists agree that we must drastically reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions. But how? I explored some key areas to address during my recent interview with the World Economic Forum
In this glorious cosmic penthouse, also known as Earth's atmosphere, we store garbage, notably greenhouse gases that cause climate change. We abuse the penthouse because we pay nothing for it. Yet all life is made possible by that rare space.