carbon monoxide

Carter was 17 when she convinced Conrad Roy III to stay in his car as it filled with carbon monoxide.
New car trends create new risks for children.
4. Make sure your dog's ID tag is current and keep him on leash outdoors. More dogs go missing in the winter months than
BYRON, Maine (AP) -- Four people from Massachusetts have been found dead in a Maine cabin due to apparent carbon monoxide
A Kentucky couple reportedly having sex in the back of their car died after the vehicle filled up with carbon monoxide. "I
And that's actually a good thing, in one respect. The leak started at the end of a game between the Dells Ducks and the Ice
Fire safety is one of the most important things to know this season.
The sheer number of people with brain injury and all those who love and care for them should make apparent the need for broad attention and concern. Brain injury impinges on the whole person, not just one's legs or lungs, and its consequences are unpredictable.
Our air filter's light turns red and runs on high, which is very unusual, thus prompting us to glance at the carbon monoxide detector in the hallway. It's reading numbers that are climbing quickly with each second.