Carbon price

The oil and gas industry spent a record $31 million urging the Evergreen State to vote "No."
It's a moonshot proposal to shift the debate on the one climate policy both political parties seem to see as inevitable.
Voices that warn acting on climate change will harm business, kill jobs and hurt the economy are, ironically, underestimating
Investors are also calling for a price on carbon. The UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, a substantial group
Regarding climate change, the global community has excelled in procrastination. But time is running out. The scientific evidence is mounting, and the impact of severe climate changes is more tangible than ever. It is time for the global community to take responsibility and lead the way forward to implement a price on carbon.
Consumer giants like Unilever and Marks & Spencer have promised to source materials from states and regions that slash deforestation, but slowing deforestation requires buy-in at every level of society.
Few of the more than 300 discussions in Davos touched on climate risk, and many participants expressed a fear that flat-footedness was the norm -- not the exception.
The key to success is cooperation between governments, cities, communities, development banks and the private sector. We need to leverage existing partnerships and resources, whether domestic or multilateral.
Ideally, the world's collective response to global warming would be as rapid and muscular as the threat of growing climate disruption requires. With each year that passes without such a response, we are learning the hard way that what we once considered an ideal international response is now merely pragmatic.
By Leila Conners -- Tree Media We begin the series with "Carbon," a solution to keeping carbon in the ground. We then move
"We think that will be the net impact of the various policies that various government's around the world impose in efforts
On May 31, the Department of Energy announced new efficiency standards for microwave ovens. The change was lauded as a move
Both Hansen and Goddard weighed in on the presidential election. Goddard faulted President Barack Obama's administration
It's innovative and committed, but it also points to a massive global failure of leadership on climate policy. We should put a price on carbon across the entire economy.
Blame it on the recession or natural gas prices or politics or whatever else. But we cannot deny that we are in green financial crisis, and one that is steadily worsening.
As another Republican candidate debate came and went, it has become fairly clear that the issue of climate change isn't going to get much of a hearing, apart perhaps from some questioning of the science.
Cap and trade has proved infeasible. But it remains critical to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions. We need to do it right this time. Let's avoid complexity and adopt a straightforward carbon charge.
This is not the 17th century, when "beliefs" trumped science, forcing Galileo to recant his understanding of the solar system. The president should unequivocally support the climate science community.