Carbon Tax

As lawsuits seeking climate damages from fossil fuel giants ramp up, a new carbon-pricing plan looks to protect them.
Even with the new plan, more drastic steps would need to be taken to cut carbon emissions in time.
Weeks of fiery protest show that climate policy that ignores class doesn't work.
Making individual changes will make a difference, but we’ll be saved only by dramatic, wide-scale change.
Scientists say market tweaks, such as a carbon tax, alone cannot cut emissions 45 percent in 12 years.
It's a moonshot proposal to shift the debate on the one climate policy both political parties seem to see as inevitable.
It's progress from outright denial of reality, but that's about it.
Universities should pay a carbon tax on their faculty's air travel.
It could be a win-win for environmentalists and coal miners -- but the president isn't interested.
In 2016, renewables, particularly hydro, supplied more than half the growth in global electricity demand.
The production of plastics now accounts for 6 percent to 8 percent of all oil consumption globally.
The private sector must play its part in the race to keep a global temperature rise below 2 degrees.
Under cap-and-trade, emitters either buy or are given carbon credits for the right to emit greenhouse gasses. If their emissions
In addition to scrapping our current Clean Air Act and other regulatory tools, the sponsors propose immunizing carbon polluters
From what we've seen of the President-elect so far, he seems to like big, bold ideas. Here's one that could change the world.
Next up - pricing carbon. Last year with SB32 Gov. Brown came tantalizingly close to fending off attacks to his landmark