And it's not just because Leonardo DiCaprio's on board.
My friend died from cancer today. His was a short, eight-month-long battle for survival, but it was a brutal one. Now his
1. Stop Eating (or Eat Less) Meat The single most effective action you can take to combat climate change is to stop eating
Everyone I know in the dental profession shares my concern for the risks of this ingredient.
The debate over the health risks caused by the deadly fiber has long since ended, yet it remains legal and is still imported and used in a number of industries and products today.
Has the Chik-fil-A "We make Benches out of our Styrofoam cups" ad appeared on your social media yet? When it hit mine, I had to respond to Chik-Fil-A publicly so they don't get away with this misleading polystyrene propaganda.
According to the National Cancer Institute, the average person's risk of getting colon cancer is 5 percent. So an 18 percent increased risk associated with processed meat consumption would increase the cancer risk to 5.9 percent. If true, this is not to be dismissed, but it's a risk that can be managed. It certainly should not be placed in the same category as smoking!
We can choose to be informed. We can choose to reduce harm to ourselves and the planet by eating less meat. And we can choose not to be complacent about industries that pollute our bodies and our environment.
Air pollution and alcohol are also linked to cancer.
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By Megan Gannon, News Editor Published: 10/02/2014 06:14 PM EDT on LiveScience Ortho-toluidine was originally classed as
The Longworth House cafeteria had switched to paper packaging products as of Friday. While the Ford building's cafeteria
This article was updated after publication to note that "Styrofoam" is a brand name specific to a type of polystyrene product
"While businesses large and small across the country are finding ways to conserve energy, reduce waste and recycle, Speaker