Just as some people believe that "size is everything," there are certain audiences who assume that the bigger and flashier the production placed before them, the greater its artistic value. Unfortunately, such is not always the case.
I believe that if a man robs a bank, kills the teller, runs out the door and jumps into the getaway car, the driver is an accomplice to the murder. In the context of the Catholic sex abuse crisis, Ratzinger was behind the wheel of the getaway car for 30 years.
As Benedict XVI relinquishes the papacy, much of the non-Catholic world has to admit they have seldom heard him speak directly to them in a language they could understand. Consider then, in the final days of this pope, a short compilation if his more trenchant statements.
My thoughts when I heard Ratzinger was resigning? First, yet another hypocrisy from the church in flouting supposedly divine law for convenience, and second, the more than 10,000 children known to have been violated by Catholic priests.
By Francis X. Rocca Religion News Service VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI, while still a cardinal, sought in vain to
The Catholic hierarchy has benefited from too much trust, too much benefit of the doubt and too much latitude in handling the child abuse crisis.
What Church authorities have been revealing about themselves, in their very words, is this: they believe they are what they say they are.
When Pope Benedict XVI (then Cardinal Ratzinger) was asked about the rights of animals in a 2002 interview, he denounced the institutionalized cruelty of factory farming.
On Benedict XVI's much-heralded first papal visit to the United States, we witnessed once again the spectacle and pageantry of the Catholic Church's unapologetically all-male hierarchy.