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Joining O'Malley were Bishops Edgar da Cunha of Fall River, Mitchell Rozanski of Springfield and Robert McManus of Worcester
Choosing to wear the brown habit of the Capuchin Franciscan order instead of a Cardinal's red robes, O’Malley addressed the
Journalist and blogger Michael Sean Winters joins HuffPost Live to provide clarity as to whether the Pope's peace summit in the Middle East is a political play or not.
Migrant deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border spiked 27% in 2012, reaching nearly 500. And as of May 2013, some 5,595 immigrants
At a time when there is much discussion about the role of women in the Christian Church, one cardinal demonstrated the power
One goal of the U.S. bishops this year is to improve homilies at Mass. Homilies and music are integral to helping people experience God's presence.
Catholic teachings affirm the importance of religious pluralism. Prime Minister Kenny's presence at the Boston College graduation is just the sort of conversation-starter that Catholic higher education needs. At best, Cardinal O'Malley's exit from the proceedings only touched off more debate among Catholic school students who have been well-prepared for the challenge.
It has become a rite of spring in the past decade: the commencement speaker controversy involving a U.S Catholic bishop and a prominent Catholic political figure upon whom an honorary degree will be bestowed by a Catholic college.
Individualism, disdain for the rights of the unborn, dismissal of the sanctity of all life -- including that of bombers -- and the preponderance of assault weapons in America: All represent a societal sickness that lures many sheep away from a life-giving shepherd to follow another who leads them to their destruction.
Word is that Dreamworks, a sub-studio of Disney, is about to make a movie on the Boston Globe's January 2002 investigative report on pedophilia and the Archdiocese of Boston. If Dreamworks practices moviemaking artfully, then grace might shine through.
"I can attest personally that Father Rafferty would never exclude a child to sanction the child's parents," he wrote on his
The Archdiocese of Boston has taken a wise approach to a question that will increasingly face Catholic schools where children come from all sorts of marriages and unions.