Indeed, his regard for the maternal would qualify him for writing Hallmark cards. Recently he described us mothers as "testifying
Many of the new cardinals come from developing countries, underscoring Francis' belief that the church should become less Euro-centric.
Let's get this train rolling. NFC Championship - Cardinals vs. Panthers: This is what everyone has been waiting for. A marquee
The NFL Divisional Round Playoffs are about to get underway. Starting on Saturday, we'll get to see four teams from each
''They were very aggressive to the line of scrimmage,'' said Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy. ''They played very well and took
Notably, it's only the second time the Cardinals have had 11 wins in a regular season, tying a franchise record. Carson Palmer
Several of the prominent conservatives who reportedly signed the letter have publicly taken issue with Francis' papacy in the past.
ROME -- "Welcome, this is a house for all. Your house."
Pope Francis is revolutionizing how the Vatican operates, encouraging officials to remain faithful to what they have dedicated their lives to, and to the global Catholic community. If the pope is no more than a king in his church, then there shall be no room for princes.
The second reason? Bertone lives here in an apartment on the third floor that for decades was the home of Camillo Cibin, the
NBA All-Star Weekend is more than just a game and a few associated skills challenges. It celebrates the entire NBA culture, and that includes its charitable side.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — One hails from Tonga, where climate change is threatening the very existence of the archipelago. Several
Back when the Arizona Cardinals were 7-1 and had the best record in the entire NFL, I wrote a piece here entitled "Why We Shouldn't Trust the Arizona Cardinals' Early Success" and was generally bashed for my stance and analysis.