“People always ask me if I’m a runner and I respond, ‘No I’m a squatter.’”
By Brittany Burhop for NewBeauty We’ve seen studies linking exercise to many internal health benefits, but this latest one
Want to get the weight loss benefits of increased mitochondrial function without potentially damaging your metabolism? The
HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has been the most buzzed-about sweat method for a while, but there's a new approach gaining momentum: LISS, or low-intensity, steady-state cardio. OK, it's not really new (hello, elliptical!). So why the sudden spotlight?
Motivation is overrated, because the brain can rationalize any behavior. Use these scientifically backed behavioral principles and stop relying on will power to get results.
I really enjoy the workouts. And until I was forced to step away from my routine for a few weeks, I didn't quite understand how much those competing strands of fear and joy were intertwined.
Under the impression that yoga must be practiced in complete silence? Think again. Rebecca Russell-Turner, co-founder of
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Doing cardio first is like digging for gold with a shovel. Getting through a single layer requires 32 scoops to be removed. You'll eventually see gold, but it will take a while.
Here are four indicators that suggest you may be doing just that, as well as one simple solution that will get you back on the right track:
What's better for fat loss, strength training or cardio? I can't tell you how many times I've been asked this question from new clients. And you know what, I'm not surprised.
The fact that you are even questioning the order of your workout means you are working out. This puts you ahead of most of the population and this is truly what matters.
In addition to excess volume creating coronary artery issues, the study discovered an association between coronary calcium
What's the issue -- the lifestyle that goes along with the folks drawn to doing things like fast marathons, or the fast marathons themselves? It would be interesting, and I think quite revealing, to see the coronary calcium scores of, say, a professional Kenyan marathoner vs. a fast CEO marathoner.
Over the weekend, I asked a girlfriend to join me for a jog along the Hudson River Park Bikeway. The weather was perfect, so we agreed to run to Chelsea Piers and back and stop for coffee afterward. But we started off on an awkward foot -- no pun intended...