Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Cross Scott of Tucson, Arizona, didn’t have formal CPR training. But he recalled what Michael Scott did in the hit sitcom.
"I can confirm that performing CPR can’t remove AR-15 bullets from a body. Get a clue."
The former U.S. senator said students should stop "looking to someone else to solve their problem."
The head nurse said she immediately performed CPR on him but video shows she and others were laughing.
Beatrice was Full Code, a status that was either given as a default or decided on when she was admitted into the hospital; a decision that was made either by Beatrice and/or her family members without a complete knowledge of what code status really means.
Somewhat recently a cardiac arrest survivor I helped to resuscitate was diagnosed with a terminal disease. This brought about the question, is it better to go quickly, not knowing the end is near, or is it better to have extra time on this earth, but know that you and your family may have to endure an end full of potential suffering? 
But that's when Logan pushed his mother aside, claiming she was doing it wrong, according to local media. Logan learned CPR
Even without being a trained health care professional, the layperson can literally take charge of a situation, initiate a simple movement, called Hands-Only CPR, that can literally save a life.