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Again, we don't have total control over whether or not dementia develops. But taking care of your brain now can only improve your quality of life today, as well as in the future.
To be honest, your body already has a natural "waist trainer."
Americans experience an average of 935,000 heart attacks and 383,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest -- when the heart stops pumping entirely. Both heart attacks and cardiac arrests carry with them the serious risk of death and disability. In fact, the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest in this country is less than five percent.
You can start by getting active.
As a cardiologist and physician-scientist, and former President of the American Heart Association and World Heart Federation, I have dedicated my life to promoting cardiovascular health and wellness for youth. Health education and basic lifesaving training are important ways to invest in their future health and well-being, and to make our communities safer.
For many Hispanics, part of our cultural identity is connected to the music we heard in our family homes and the dances our families danced. Dancing is a way to be physically active and to be socially and culturally connected.
That drug class is the diuretics. The right diuretic(s) at the right dose. Studies by me and by others demonstrating their
At the end of the day, training has got to be enjoyable. Even for my professional athletes who do this for a living, I find we have to keep things fun and interesting. So pick a goal and get focused, but always remember to have fun!
Despite this large number of women affected by cardiovascular disease, women and minorities are underrepresented in cardiovascular clinical trials. Only one-third of cardiovascular clinical trials report sex-specific results, making it ever more difficult for researchers and clinicians to know how a particular drug or device will affect women.
While HIV/AIDS is generally known to be the biggest killer in Africa, you might be surprised to learn cardiovascular disease
Risk reduction rates were similar for other forms of cardiac deaths, the study said. Finnish researchers have a health tip
The good news is that it doesn't take much exercise to put you in the high fitness category. Just improving your running
The bottom line: research suggests that yoga is comparable to aerobic exercise when it comes to improving cardiovascular
The study looked at a cohort of 75 men with ED, with an average age of 56, measuring both their adherence to the Mediterranean
Michael Fenster, "Dr. Mike," cardiologist, professional chef, and author of The Fallacy of the Calorie promises to give the
In the study, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 382 participants first answered the 15 questions
So stop exercising, and pick up a shovel to get your garden ready for next year. Hike with friends up the mountain. Dance by the seaside, and let the sound of the waves stir your heart. Soak up the clean, refreshing air, and deepen your appreciation for the gifts of the natural world.
But there also has been some good news for singles, too. Research has shown that unmarried people with active lifestyles
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