cards against humanity

The card game company set out to help 100 people by giving them $1,000 each.
Cards Against Humanity has big holiday plans to stop the border wall.
The company said it retained a law firm to make Trump's plan as "time-consuming and expensive" as possible.
The company will donate all profits from the special deck to Emily's List, which helps elect women to office in the U.S.
#113 Tinders - Noah NM: "On a drive from Portland to San Diego, when we were writing all these cards and we used Tinder swiping
A way for moms and dads to unwind and have fun with friends at the end of a long day.
The phenomenon that is Cards Against Humanity (CAH) seems to have reached a critical point where it's effectively in the mainstream. At least on the east coast, it's a game that many young people have on their shelves, next to the old Hasbro and Milton Bradley staples.
Here's everything you need to know about the very real Picasso print that Cards Against Humanity will either shred or donate to an art museum.