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As more people rely on home delivery for important and valuable items, the rise of the porch pirates will continue, unless
CARE was a charity created to feed the hungry in Europe. People in the United States would buy CARE packages of food and they would be delivered to a hungry family overseas. The von Trapp family were among those who helped by purchasing these life-saving parcels.
  Living in close quarters, your son or daughter will likely fall ill at some point. While you can't be there to make them
I was only a small child. I didn't understand the war or its causes, but my mother explained to us just how special it was that strangers from a country against which our country had just fought a war were making such a kind gesture to us. And I didn't need my mother to explain to me how nice it felt to receive something when you have almost nothing.
Yesterday, I got this text: "Can you send out some oranges once our trees get going this year? Do you think they would survive the journey?" Yep, that kid just needs a little bit of home in a box. It doesn't need to be decadent sweets. It doesn't need to come from a store.
If your kid loves food as much as we did, let's stock their dorm fridge with deliciousness.
Joblessness often leads to homelessness and our veterans are not immune from this frightening reality.
Mass-mail care packages frequently include items that are worthless in a war zone or already in abundance. The waste could be forgiven, were it not for the millions of dollars and thousands of hours that go into the packages' creation.
The musician has a personal history with military service -- his uncle served in the Vietnam War, while his grandfather is
You can go the easy route and ship your student their favorite snacks along with a letter and a forgotten memento, or you could amp it up and send them a nontraditional care package. Here are a few "non-"categories with suggestions for each to get you started.