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At this week's Department of Education ongoing public meeting to advance Betsy DeVos's plan to repeal and replace the Obama
Now that former Trump University pitchman Donald Trump is the president of the United States, his Secretary of Education
Employers who offer dubious "benefits" to their workers to attend for-profit colleges that are under law enforcement investigation for deceiving students should be asked by government regulators, media, employee unions, and individual workers whether they are receiving any compensation for steering their employees to these predatory colleges.
This week, the National Consumer Law Center published a denial letter received by an unnamed borrower also represented by
The predatory for-profit colleges still have plenty of fight in them, and plenty of cash to hire lawyers to try to gut these investigations. But at last there is hope that another generation of students won't be deceived, abused, and abandoned, by the bad actors in the for-profit college industry.
The accrediting agencies argue that they serve the public interest by using the experience and expertise of executives who
What is most significant about the Trump dust-up is that the conduct alleged -- false promises, high prices, weak educational programs, and terrible outcomes for many students -- has been playing out for decades all across America at a wide range of for-profit colleges.
Instead of taking this opportunity to reform, the industry's big players appear to be digging in, and continuing to use their revenues -- about 86 percent of which come from taxpayers -- to engage in lobbying and propaganda aimed at convincing the public that everything is fine.