“We’ve gone through multiple rounds where Cargill executives promise to act and then fail to get anything done."
Together, five companies have a climate footprint bigger than Exxon, Shell or BP, but we don't talk about it.
And it's not just because Leonardo DiCaprio's on board.
We should also keep in mind that a legal immigration system that works is the best way to address illegal immigration. Let
To be sure, there is still a lot of work to be done. But with effort, dedication and a willingness to listen to sometimes
The future of food is in flux. Change is now a constant in our business. At the same time, we're faced with a number of important
Climate change is the number one reason for synthetic biology? What about capturing the exploding sports nutrition market
Two years on, we've seen the beginnings of what could be that revolution: The commitments made in the Wilmar policy have become the new benchmark for responsible commodity agriculture, and have been adopted by major companies.
In the run up to the historic climate talks just concluded in Paris, we saw an increasing number of companies announcing ambitious and unprecedented commitments to protect the environment. While this is welcome, we all know that what matters most is not making promises, but keeping them.
But as in Brazil, global consumers are having a powerful role, exerting their will on food companies at the retail end of