This year, Notting Hill's Caribbean community was more determined than ever to exude positivity and resilience, an act of resistance central to Carnival’s history.
The cruise line said it is not accepting new bookings on its ships until Jan. 10 to better accommodate social distancing, and it will now require masks indoors.
"Really hurts to see all the devastation that's going on in Haiti, and I feel like we really can't catch a break," the tennis star said.
Elsa battered southern coasts of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as Florida Gov. declares state of emergency in 15 counties.
Nicki Minaj and others called out the rum's original name, J'Ouvert, for having roots in Caribbean culture.
The La Soufriere volcano covered parts of the Caribbean island in ash and forced thousands to evacuate.
After a devastating storm, the island of Barbuda struggles to maintain its identity.
"Everybody called it ‘Pedophile Island,’” a man from St. Thomas island said. “It’s our dark corner.”
The 52-year-old woman was reportedly involved in an altercation with another passenger prior to her death.
Dominica's government plans to ban plastic and styrofoam food containers and utensils by 2019.