While there is still a long path to tread, the nations of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), have already
Armed with a flashlight and a guide, I explored the caves at Norman Island. The swim from the boat to the caves was an underwater
Mary Lee Alvarez lives in Guánica, Puerto Rico. I refer to her in my HP Blog bio as one of my three fairy godmothers who helped me rescue a dog. But due to her stature and magical quality she is the main fairy godmother and I mean that in the best way possible despite the hokey Disney sparkly connotations that come along with it.
The beach, the pools, the view - these are major reasons why we travel to the Caribbean. And when we can get all in one, that's
Follow LiveScience on Twitter @livescience. We're also on Facebook & Google+.  This blood feeder infests certain fish that
You can find all the things that make the Caribbean great without the high prices or enormous crowds.
The ship, which assisted U.S. submarine operations around the globe for decades, was anchored in recent years among the rusting
In Costa Rica I got a real sense of what the planet may have been like before humans destructive behavior.
Virgin unveiled the latest addition to Richard Branson's luxury fleet: an underwater plane that flies riders into the depths
A British pilot who apparently drowned after his plane crashed into the Caribbean Sea is being hailed a hero for saving the
It is time for American policies toward Cuba to change, but I must admit when I left there, I could see the point of trying to hold Fidel's feet to the fire.