carl bernstein

The right-wing host cooked up a conspiracy theory about the scandal that brought down Nixon.
Whether Republicans are watching the hearings or not, they know the "earth is shaking," adds Woodward's Watergate partner Carl Bernstein.
The famous Watergate reporters visited with Stephen Colbert and said Trump "went farther" to undermine democracy.
Trump "attempted to stage this coup so there would be no real election," and he would stay in power, the Watergate sleuth said.
Famed reporter Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump’s phone call with a Georgia election official is worse than the scandal that brought down Richard Nixon.
Thomas scolded Americans to "live with" controversial rulings, even after his wife battled to overthrow the presidential election.
The truly frightening issue, said the Watergate journalist, is that Flynn is exactly the kind of extremist authoritarian Donald Trump embraces.
It was a "conspiracy led by a [defeated] president of the U.S. to result in an authoritarian coup in which the election is stolen," the Watergate journalist said.
The veteran journalist accused the former president of "fomenting a coup" and called his mishandling of the pandemic "homicidal negligence."
The twice-impeached Trump repeatedly has made his policy clear on Nixon, the last president to resign.