Carl Cameron

Former Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron doesn't understand "how the network can go through with it."
Former chief political correspondent Carl Cameron slammed the upcoming "Patriot Purge" as "really frightening" and "a betrayal to the audience."
Trump definitely isn't draining it, according to Carl Cameron.
Carl Cameron explained why it will "be telling" to see who steps into the slot voided by Smith, who abruptly quit the network on Friday.
Carl Cameron said Trump's latest outburst at the network makes members of its news department "sick to their stomachs."
“We have to think about our national reputation worldwide now," Carl Cameron told MSNBC's Ari Melber.
“Claims that it is a ‘hoax’ do not represent my views," one reporter for the conservative network has tweeted in response to Carlson's comments.
"It's not right," said the conservative network's former longtime chief political correspondent.
"Campaign Carl" Cameron, longtime chief political correspondent, scorches his old employer and its "right-wing hosts."
On today's "Right Wing World" Chris Baker discusses McCain's new negative approach and right wing apologists.