Carl Hart

On May 15th I was invited to speak on Democracy now along with Dr. Carl Hart about Attorney Jeff Sessions controversial new
John P. Walters, director of drug control policy under President George W. Bush, wrote on what he views as an inconsistency between libertarian philosophy and support for ending the war on drugs. He claims libertarians get it wrong on drugs. Mr. Walters gets it wrong on drugs, as well as on libertarians.
"Are you kidding me that we're getting excited about this?" Hart said. "The smarter way to think about the problem is not
"All of the drugs that we're talking about come from plant-based products so these things were in our environment, were here
"What the hell just happened?!" Stewart exclaimed, trying to wrap his head around the fact that evidently, O'Reilly is a
From the Times: In an interview with the New York Times published this week, Carl Hart said his research, as well as the
One of the most nefarious untruths, according to Carl Hart, is that one hit of any drug -- be it heroin, methamphetamine or crack -- will get you addicted. There's just no science to back that up.
Why did you want to write the book? What is the norm within the fields of pharmacology and neuroscience -- do people talk