carl jung

Indeed, the bible story of Enki, the Aquarian god, out to prove that men don't need a womb to create life as he fashions
None of this is easy, because it means giving up the grandiose cowboy in any of us, or the heroic image of peaceful caring
I write this article days away from the first ever World Values Day to which my company Eudaimonia Solutions is an Associated
We are used to the banter of back and forth allegations of insanity in one's opponent. And God forbid, someone should be exposed as having been on psychotropic medication (how high is that percentage for the country in general?) or having seen or having the need for, a therapist, and all hell would break loose.
The margins of reality blur when the conscious mind is lulled into a quasi-hypnotic state. Maybe spending 12 hours a day
I feel white people need, if they so are ready, a space to talk about the history of their racism and the way it still lives. As such we need help, but not the kind that engenders self-hate only. Because that will turn; it always does.
Many believe that one of the soul's evolutionary purposes is to find a loving relationship that allows you to grow and evolve
They needn't be scared any longer. While Enigma (subtitled Sex, Longing, and Belonging in Psychoanalysis) does drift into
But in reality Trump isn't bizarre or anomalous. He stands for something universal, something right before our eyes. It's
There are some particulars I'd like to mention. Firstly Tracey is no worshipper of 12 step programs as the only solution
Tech in the 21st century fragments rather than integrates. It allows us to pack more "stuff" into every hour. But the technology that's supposed to make life easier actually makes it harder to enjoy.
Throughout my sporadic academic career I have been extremely fortunate to study with top caliber professors such as Alexander
Remember -- in every dark room there's the potential for light. All you need to do is flip the switch on.
A scientist and theologian finds that vivid, memorable “big dreams” are universally human.