carl jung

GOLEM is the authentic irony of our current epoch: the Monster that breaks down the wall between ego and the uncertain realm
Eisenstein goes on to discuss the role of empathy, something that might seem an odd interjection, when people are still reeling
I have met many talented individuals on my journey who share a conviction, and have an idea or passion to create meaningful
We are used to the banter of back and forth allegations of insanity in one's opponent. And God forbid, someone should be exposed as having been on psychotropic medication (how high is that percentage for the country in general?) or having seen or having the need for, a therapist, and all hell would break loose.
I hope to provoke in this new series of posts a further understanding of shadow as having a collective element. Although
Deceived by a sense of finality. If the ways of the world and the things of the spirit look the same to me as they did 20
"Have you Americans gone bonkers?" my friends in England keep asking. The Donald makes them nervous. It's not just what he
I feel white people need, if they so are ready, a space to talk about the history of their racism and the way it still lives. As such we need help, but not the kind that engenders self-hate only. Because that will turn; it always does.
Your astrology chart is the treasure map to your soul, symbolic of your soul's evolutionary purpose - who you are and why
Leaving treatment helped her rehearse the separation from her husband. That enactment let her practice [actions] that were