carl lewis

"Even when I retire as an athlete, it will drive me for the rest of my life."
Carl Lewis doesn't care if you mock him.
"The bottom line is that the arrogance is a way to try to tear you down," says Carl Lewis.
Voting for Round 1 runs through 11 a.m. August 3 Voting for Round 2 runs through 11 a.m. August 4 Voting for Round 3 (the
"The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs
A seemingly fun, light segment on Tuesday's "Fox and Friends" went terribly wrong when a staffer from the show tripped and
Luke Evans has the talent, not to mention the biceps. Having appeared in Clash of the Titans and the recent Three Musketeers, and with a part in the upcoming Hobbit movies, his Hollywood resume is filling out nicely. So why now hide his sexuality?
Pat Delany stepped down from the state Assembly this month and said he wouldn't seek a full term in November because of his