carli lloyd

The U.S. soccer forward mischievously sent a message during her team's victory over Chile.
Carli Lloyd scored a pair of goals, helping the American women's soccer team shut out Chile 3-0.
Solo kept France scoreless as the Americans earned their second victory in Rio.
"We’re sick of being treated like second-class citizens."
"We're not going anywhere," NWSL's commissioner says ahead of the league's fourth season.
The World Cup final hero just got what she deserves.
We’ll remember 2015 as the year women broke through.
Carli Lloyd joins "The Second Half" podcast to talk about turf, the future of women's soccer and that World Cup goal.
The president offered some words of praise to the women's national soccer team, plus an unexpected 2016 endorsement.
Rejection is part of the writing game, but as every writer knows, not all rejections are equal. When an editor simply ignores your submission, that's a bottom-tier rejection. The next step up is a form letter.
Apparently, we bang out a lot of tough people here. I guess tough worked for us then, but maybe, New Jersey, you could tone down your tough guy crap now that it isn't needed.