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It's been "a pretty amazing journey," he said of the strides he's taken since the attack.
Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo were captured in the now-iconic photo in the aftermath of the attack.
Learn more about the Arredondo Family Foundation and how you can get involved here. Carlos Arredondo rose to international
“He looked real bad,” Bohn told The Columbian in regard to the 8-year-old’s condition. “They were saying 'thank you' repeatedly
I wish People would have considered Carlos for the cover or even a finalist. I cry every time I hear about the Boston bombings and I truly am thankful for everyone who was brave to help those in need. I do not want his story to be forgotten. We need more people like Carlos out there.
Top-tier mayoral candidates are slugging it out for the coveted Latino vote across the Hub — targeting neighborhood strongholds
On Sunday, the New York Times ran a profile of Bauman showing pictures of him taking his first steps since the amputations
Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman was reunited with his rescuer, Carlos Arredondo, at Fenway Park on Tuesday night
Now, also dubbed a “marathon hero,” Bauman is well on the road to recovery. He’s begun his physical and occupational therapies
Full Segment: We talk to Carolos Arredondo, the man who ran alongside Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman, and helped him to safety after he had sustained horrendous injuries to his legs.
Bauman and his wife drove from Concord, N.H. and reached Jeff’s bedside late Monday night, after both of his legs had been
When I was growing up, there was no easy way to check on absent loved ones. Now, we can connect instantly. And, thanks to the cameras in our smart phones, we can bear witness to instances of heroism, and perhaps record something that will help the FBI find the bomber.
I don't know if I can imagine the pain of a man so driven by grief of his son's death in Iraq that he was driven to self
"My first reaction was to run toward the people," he told ABC. "There was so much commotion and a lot of people running away
“There was so many people, an old lady next to me begging me for help, begging me for help,” Arredondo says in a video uploaded