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Act 3 Setting: The ruins of the Dem O'Crats Palace. "Lady Ivanka MacTrump and the Princes will closely counsel King MacTrump
Donald Trump going to Mexico could have had a certain "Nixon goes to China" flavor about it, and he actually was getting some good reviews for crossing the very low bar of "not totally embarrassing himself or his country" -- at least for the first few hours. Then he went to Phoenix, and Mr. Hyde came back out.
Experts say there are two major factors at play.
Politics never takes a holiday! Enjoy these sing-along treats for your seasonal pleasure...
Jon Stewart and John Oliver said goodbye to NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner on Wednesday, following his decisive loss
Residents of Nuevo York City, vote not just with your brains and your better judgement this primary day, vote with all the other parts of your body and vote Anthony Weiner for mayor.
Weiner's spokeswoman denied reports that Leathers' appearance outside campaign headquarters had prompted the spontaneous
Jon Stewart may have missed the Carlos Danger saga over the summer, but he had a chance to dig into his old friend Anthony
The urge to pathologize Anthony Weiner's proclivities stems from the same animus that underlies homophobia: the prejudice that atypical or unabashed sexual behavior must surely be immoral or unhealthy. Has the gay rights movement taught us nothing?
Thursday was John Oliver's last day as the host of "The Daily Show" before the program goes on hiatus for two weeks and Jon