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The singer, who's about to release a new album, reflects on the song that turns 20 this year — and seemingly won't go away.
For the last 50 years, a seminal part of Western popular music has been the guitar solo. And then there are outliers such
Brett: “Do you think there are any Ghosts in the building?” Paul: “God no! I haven’t run across any poltergeists in this
Prince was one of the artists who really touched people. We're only now realizing that so much of that spiritual connection came courtesy of his mastery of the six-strings that have been mastered by so few and enjoyed by so many.
Musicians Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie & Neal Schon join HuffPost Video to dish on their latest album titled, "Santana IV
The group is expanded into the Jazz aux Champs-Elysees All Stars with the addition of French players. Tenor saxophonist Jean
ZONA'S "HAPPY" EXCLUSIVE A Conversation with Gregg Rolie Mike Ragogna: Gregg, my interview with Carlos was pretty spiritual
America Ferrera, Zoe Saldana, Carlos Santana and others then slam the GOP field.
inger-songwriter Sarah McGowan's "When I Come Home" previews her upcoming debut CD. She co-produced the album with inspirations ranging from The Strokes to Amy Winehouse to The Ronettes.
Hunger engulfs almost a billion of the globe's citizens but inadequate nutrition is an even broader epidemic that consumes millions of healthy lives, from the richest nations to the poorest subsistence farmers.