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The show's executive producer Carlton Cuse told Entertainment Weekly "it’s likely" that ABC will eventually want to reboot
Will you watch "Bates Motel"? Ehrin: And also the point of view of someone who's more of a regular guy. Ehrin: It was. It
Everything that makes "Bates" more attractive from a marketing standpoint makes it less interesting from a dramatic perspective.
It isn't just comedy, but really all creative arts, that asks artists to make everything seem effortless, natural, and completely ironed out.
Look: I never expected every single detail, or even most of them, to be explained or even acknowledged in the finale. Homer is allowed to nod. I just wish he didn't say, "Night, all" and head off to bed.
During the last half of this season I thought often on two questions: why couldn't the Man in Black just leave, and why did Desmond have to come back to the island?
Having watched Lost faithfully throughout its run and marveled at the twists and turns, however odd and fanciful, I couldn't help a sense of revulsion at the easy way out the writers took in the show's finale.
Whether it left you satisfied or not, the "Lost" finale is in the books. But it'll be hard to move on knowing that "Lost
After the January 2007 TV Critics Association tour, Lindelof and Cuse discussed Season 3 to date and their plans for the show. The transcript of that conversation proves that they had an endgame in mind years ago.