carly fiorina 2016

Now that Texas Senator Ted Cruz has chosen former Hewlitt-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a former rival, as his running mate, it's worth looking at history to see whether such "unity tickets" (linking ex-opponents) have been successful in the past.
She was the only woman running in the GOP field.
Although not a perfect straw poll, there are a few interesting takeaways one can gather from the signs in the Granite State
She also called herself "the lump of coal" in Hillary Clinton's stocking.
The GOP presidential candidate says gun owners could mistakenly be added to the list.
Surveys show Americans support funding for the group, though the candidate claims the opposite.
There's no connection between rhetoric and violence, says the Planned Parenthood opponent.
Sarah Westwood, Krystal Ball, Kirsten John Foy and Joe Concha discuss Donald Trump's comments on minimum wage during the fourth GOP debate.
"I met him in Beijing. We were in sort of a green room setting, actually."
In a surprising statement from the White House, President Obama made clear his support for Putin's offer.