Carmen Yulín Cruz

The president tore into Carmen Yulín Cruz and lamented that he never got a thank you for his response to Hurricane Maria.
Carmen Yulín Cruz slammed the president for claiming that the death toll was inflated by Democrats to make him look bad.
Carmen Yulín Cruz called out the president for not even tweeting his condolences after new estimates of Hurricane Maria-related deaths were released.
"The federal government didn’t do things right from the beginning," she told Time magazine.
Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz spoke out 100 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.
“I hope he’s a better golf player than he is a president, because he surely isn’t a good president."
"I personally know how it feels when somebody comes and throws paper towels at you," said bartender Moe Szyslak.
"What is it about women having an opinion that irritates some?" Carmen Yulín Cruz tweeted Wednesday at Montana-based Whitefish Energy.
"We will no longer be able to hide our poverty and our inequality with palm trees and piña coladas," Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto told HuffPost.