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The president cited his "many Puerto Rican friends" and the success of two Miss Universe pageants hosted on the island as evidence of his claim.
California Rep. Ro Khanna, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner and Ben Cohen, a co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, will helm Sanders' presidential team.
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz quickly responded to the president's latest smear.
The president tore into Carmen Yulín Cruz and lamented that he never got a thank you for his response to Hurricane Maria.
Carmen Yulín Cruz recalls the moment that changed her outlook on LGBTQ rights more than a decade go.
Trump is denying that nearly 3,000 people were killed in the wake of Hurricane Maria, despite proof.
Carmen Yulín Cruz slammed the president for claiming that the death toll was inflated by Democrats to make him look bad.
The president says the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was a “success.” Everyone else seems to say otherwise.
President Donald Trump praises his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico after the island’s government raised the official death toll from the storm to 2,975.
In October, the president suggested Puerto Ricans were lucky Hurricane Maria wasn't a "real catastrophe" like Katrina in New Orleans.