Carnegie Hall

Philip Glass at his 80th Birthday Celebration at Carnegie Hall; photo: Pete Checchia. _____________________ Broadway Scores
Philip Glass Celebrates His Birthday with a World Premiere at Carnegie Hall Joshua Rosenblum, a Contributing Writer for ZEALnyc
PG: [Long pause.] You know, it's funny, because I'm listening to a lot of things, but it's not concert music. It's a little
The rapturous but lengthy second movement can seem static or even (dare one say it) boring in the wrong hands, but one could
The "ex-Auer" Strad comes to Gluzman as a long-term loan from the Stradivari Society of Chicago, a philanthropy that puts
By Christopher Johnson, ZEALnyc Contributing Writer, January 25, 2017 Ifé, based on three Yorùbá songs about the creation
Recording session with Judith Clurman, Lee Musiker, and Essential Voices USA Judith Clurman, Stephen Schwartz, and Lee Musiker
The famous C# minor trumpet call that opens the piece was rendered impeccably by Miroslav Petkov, who performed this and
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