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SN: How does getting a role on an enormously popular TV show like Glee differ from your stage performing, both in terms of
As a proud product of Carnegie Mellon, I am far from a Luddite; rather, I welcome technological disruption and even the market
Over the past several years, many studies have shown the advantages of teams which are diverse in terms of skills, age, culture, personality and, most especially, gender. Diverse teams, when well led, are more innovative and creative.
Art is testing new frontiers. In this week's digest, artists are pushing their limits and bringing their art to whole new places. We'll see how performance art fares the legal system, how Renaissance art handles cutting edge technology, and how super tiny art takes on the vast outer space.
During this Spring and Summer, I am spotlighting a handful of remarkable women educators in college theatre in my blog series entitled, Women In The Performing Arts.
As a college admissions company, we have seen the stress that the SAT can create, but also the benefits of knowing which schools are realistic. In all, we believe the SAT is part of the college admissions equation that should be kept, but viewed holistically.
3. What did Mother Jones magazine accuse Fox News host Bill O'Reilly of doing? a. Fleeing the scene of a DUI accident b. Discussing
Homeless people are at risk of dying on the streets this winter since many frigid cities don’t have emergency action plans
If you're a new parent and find that there's something strangely familiar with Baymax, the huggable robot star of Big Hero 6, there's a good reason for that.
Talk about a bright idea! The headlights are an improved version of similar lights demonstrated by the Carnegie Mellon team
I call bull. In the University of Virginia study, participants weren't asked to meditate, they were asked to "be alone with
We realized that a family's footwear costs could be reduced by creating a shoe a child can wear as he or she grows.
There is no silver bullet that will enable the U.S. to catch up, and it has been clear for some time, moreover, that simply throwing money at schools is not the answer.
For one week each fall, hypnotic visuals transform the interiors of nightclubs, art centers and local bars all over the 'Burgh as emerging musicians from around the world perform alongside cutting-edge visual artists, creating truly original performances at Pittsburgh's VIA Festival.
Much of the technology we interact with daily, like elevators and dishwashers, could be thought of as robots, even though
The algorithm they created allows people to be tracked from one camera to the next, and can estimate people's positions when
It's been a big year for Marty: He was a winner of the 2012 Wynn Newhouse Awards, a prestigious program that provides grants
In an interview with the Associated Press, Zubik added, "It's not a matter of pointing to one young lady, we have to ask