carnivorous plants

An exotic "sheep-eating" plant, so-called because it kills and "eats" sheep, has bloomed for the first time at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden Wisley in the U.K.
Per a BBC report, in its native habitat of Chile, the plant uses the spines to ensnare sheep and other small animals. After
by Elizabeth Pennisi Many carnivorous plants snag prey by luring them onto sticky surfaces from which there is no escape
Using medium-size lab-created raindrops, the researchers were able to knock about 40 percent of the ants off the lid and
DERWOOD, Md. -- There are more than 650 carnivorous plants in the world and Michael Szesze guesses he's got about "four to
For a project entitled "Beautiful Traps," tech-savvy artist Yiying Lu painted dazzling and dangerous carnivorous plants with
The carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes bicalcarata can reach heights up to 65 feet (20 meters) into the forest canopy, a
Gardening may never get so easy. In the video above, HGTV shows us how to assemble a small garden full of carnivorous plants
There's something eerily animal-like about venus flytraps -- touch the trigger hairs and their maws snap shut around an insect
These plants may look like sweet, innocent flowers, but don't be fooled -- they are meat-eating killers! Carnivorous plants
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