Carol Costello

Donald Trump and his son Eric have made victim-blaming comments on workplace harassment in recent days.
Carol Costello is the anchor of the morning edition of CNN's Newsroom. She's sexy and wholesome and outspoken. One of her
One anchor just asked a Michigan mayor if she's "afraid" of the city's growing Muslim population.
How could the sight of masked ISIS soldiers looking on while their captive is burned alive in a cage be looked at as positive propaganda?
Newspeak is definitely a language that one has to learn like French or Spanish and like all language it contains its own river of meanings that lies under the superficial veneer that the words create once they are encoded into a particular syntax.
Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin are moving to the Big Apple soon. TV Newser reported Thursday that the two CNN anchors
“Climate change is real!" she exclaimed Tuesday. "Can't we just say it like it is? Climate change deniers aren't listening
By the time you read this, I will have changed my Facebook profile picture. And I hope you'll do the same.
By the time you read this, I will have changed my Facebook profile picture. And I hope you'll do the same. Why?
Why do women who are married and/or married with children impose their idea of success on women who are not married? Every woman is not looking for someone to put a ring on it!
Some see Morgado's buff Jesus as a role model: We actually don't know what Jesus looked like. We do know he was a carpenter
"If you put up CNN cameras it looks pretty good outside of CNN, and –" (h/t Erik Wemple) "No! I was out stuck in the traffic
"Specifically what medical information does the website ask for? And specifically what private information that the government
For his part, Limbaugh replied on his radio show: CNN's Carol Costello isn't backing down after some harsh words about Rush
For more Arzu Kaya-Uranli click This article was previously published in Today's Zaman Army veteran Wade Michael Page killed
I didn't give the FLOTUS heckling much thought until I ran across CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello's condescending interview with CNN analyst LZ Granderson. She suggests that equal rights groups should be happy with the glacial march toward progress and equality.
"I think killing innocent people with drones is rude," Benjamin replied. "I think keeping innocent people in detention for
CNN sports anchor Carlos Diaz wrapped up his report by asking Costello how many hotdogs she could eat during a nine inning