Carol Dweck

Experts break down perimenopause, which can sometimes start in a person's late 30s.
How many times do we look at one aspect of our lives or another — be it weight, stress, or finances — and wish it were different
Needing approval will reduce your risk-taking.
I'm not saying that traditional, progressive methods of school improvement had solved all the problems that we must once
I really wish somebody had told this to me... All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste... but
This new emphasis on student motivation is a very good thing. It is helping reduce the fever that gripped the country during the worst days of the standardized testing movement, when we deluded ourselves into thinking that if we just raised academic standards, America's most struggling students would respond with the increased effort required to meet them.
If your workplace is like most, chances are it's the results that matter most. After all the ability to successfully deliver outcomes -- be it growth and profit, student results or community benefits -- is the point of nearly every organization.
One of the most important ingredients of a successful story is momentum. When you mix momentum with mindset, you root for the achievement of the goal.
One of the biggest sources of that doubt about women's abilities comes from women themselves. The next time you shy away from a promotion or an opportunity in favor of sticking with what you know or what you've been told you're good at, reconsider. Knowing what works can be comfortable. It can also be an easy way to go nowhere.