carol moseley braun

Wallace: Mr. Vice President, really, sir... Biden: Now that I'm not running, I can appear on Fox. Let the cabinet members
"You have to work twice as hard to be considered to be half as good."
When asked by reporters why she did not file, she blamed longtime friend and former treasurer, Billie Paige. “If Billie Paige
Moseley Braun had reason to gripe: the future mayor-elect would raise tens of millions of dollars during the campaign, while
Tom Carey, 56, has been working for candidates here--from Rich Daley to John Stroger--since he was 25. One day in January
JeNest Murry was not going to allow her teenage niece, Raven, to sit out the mayoral election. Right after work on Tuesday
Recently, I endorsed Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of the City of Chicago. The endorsement in some quarters was stunning and newsworthy, but neither response was my intent.
Emanuel's win caps a campaign that included an unsuccessful legal challenge to try to keep him off the ballot. It was the
The ad, played on radio stations popular with black audiences over the weekend, apparently aims to turn those "infidels" who
Anyway, check out the full list of facts at NBC. The final mayoral debate was on the air tonight, and with only four days