Carolyn Everson

As hundreds of executives from the media and marketing worlds gathered yesterday under the AWNY banner, at glitzy dinner
"Organic Google website revenue is growing remarkably fast too at 25.5 percent, and they have streamlined Youtube into a
She didn't end up seeing eye to eye with the professional CEO who was brought in and was fired via fax. It was May, and she was due to graduate.
Carolyn Everson's career takes her around the world while her husband hangs with their two daughters and four dogs.
Today, Everson, now Facebook's global marketing solutions VP, is sanguine. At Facebook, Everson says she is driven by a deep
Everson says that new forms of advertising, which are generally under 10 seconds, are finding traction with a range of marketers
The video monetization plan was reported earlier this month by the Wall Street Journal. The arrangement is quite new and
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She also opened up to Sellers about the best advice she'd ever received: "I host women's dinners in New York quite a lot
In a 2012 interview with The Huffington Post's Bianca Bosker, Everson revealed that she brings her daughters on at least