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House Democrats are planning to investigate straw-donor claims against Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from his former employees at a logistics company.
The subpoena seeks documents related to controversial mail delays that threaten the timely delivery of absentee ballots in November.
DeJoy testified Friday in the Senate that his “No. 1 priority” is to ensure election mail arrives on time.
The U.S. Census Bureau is cutting its data collection schedule by a month.
Changes imposed by Louis DeJoy are causing mail delays ahead of an expected major expansion of mail-in ballots in the upcoming election.
President Donald Trump has downplayed the crisis. But the nation's leading expert on infectious disease warned lawmakers that the worst is yet to come.
The House Oversight Committee wrote letters demanding documents from the Department of Homeland Security on migrant deaths in ICE and CBP custody.
The actress spoke Tuesday at the House’s first meeting on the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years.
Carolyn Maloney accepting the commemorative stamp on behalf of George Stefanopoulos at the Acropolis Museum 5) You have called
As members of Congress -- as well as one candidate for the presidency -- repeatedly speak about rolling back women's reproductive rights, it's time to take a hard look at the actual status of women in the United States.