I’m a divorced mom, and I am happy my kids are with their dad this weekend. I know that’s surprising to read. Divorce stigma
Moms can't wait any longer for equal rights. We have to claim them now. That's the new motherhood brand, tenderhearted tough
Last week, a friend called me from her tropical vacation. "I'm on the beach right now," she said over the sound of waves, adding "I even slept until 9:00 today." "Wow, I'm jealous," I said. "I think I had mom guilt 20 times by 9 a.m.!"
Yesterday, I dropped off my 7-year-old at school. I held her hand as we wound around the school looking for her classroom and trying to make it before the bell signaled our tardiness. I tried to pass the one-year-old off to my husband so I could just focus on my daughter.
If you have a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle (EV), you should not be driving in the carpool or HOV lanes. Even if your home state allows you to legally drive in the carpool lane with the driver as the car's only occupant, you shouldn't do it. Here's why.
Good idea, Navigator. Just block the street until someone lets you in. You probably don't contribute to the teacher's Christmas gift, either.
I was unconsciously humming a pleasant little tune when a woman in the next line started humming a line of harmony. We laughed. We couldn't figure out where it was from, but a young man who was bagging groceries knew immediately -- it was the theme to "Sonic The Hedgehog."
I'd like to propose The Carpool Protocols, a manual that addresses the realistic needs of parents as they put their children in the care of others to share rides to and from common destinations.
Another new app called Avego lets someone use a smartphone to essentially hitchhike. Signal your location from your phone
At a campaign stop in Illinois on Saturday, Romney called on Obama to fire what he dubbed "the gas-hike trio," a reference
For most of Steve Jobs' life, the energy sector was comprised of vertically integrated electric utilities which held local
American Indian children, from the age of three on, are taught using a "talking stick" to practice the art of listening and respecting another's viewpoint. So why not try the same method in your carpool?