BHuman's Billie Lloyd and Harrison Scott pay homage to the horror classic, as well as "Grease" and other era-defining teen films, in the video for "Other Way."
Archie and the gang staged a predictably murderous rendition of "Carrie: The Musical." Somehow, it brought the campy show back to earth.
“So who has had sex today?” the pretty — and a little-too-perky for 10:00 a.m.  — tour guide asks. “And sex with yourself
"The internet isn’t always full of positivity and love, and this seemed to spread both."
It all started so innocently… Growing up in a drab, suburban Northern California town in the 1970s, there wasn’t a whole
How will we be able to trust -- and check -- a president who is indifferent to the truth? The current season of the television
You blazed through Gone Girl. You ran out and bought Sharp Objects and Dark Places and read them in two sleepless nights. Now your sleepless nights are spent yearning for another Gillian Flynn book.