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The "Matrix" actor didn't expect her opportunities in Hollywood to shift so quickly. "I went from being a girl to the mother to beyond the mother,” she said.
Lana Wachowski will write and direct the fourth film in the game-changing franchise.
If you've strolled through a city or surfed the web recently, chances are you've found yourself locked in a staring match with Jessica Jones. Portraits of Krysten Ritter as the title character still lurk everywhere, her impressionistic gaze and porcelain skin beckoning your views.
Marvel announced on Tuesday that the "Matrix" actress would co-star in the new series, which will follow former superhero
I remember first seeing The Matrix. I have never seen anything like it since. Fast forward 15 years later: I now have three children, and this past weekend, I decided it was time.
Cassia is returning from her studies in Rome where she met a slave caravan bringing Milo to Pompeii. It's an excellent scene
Watch a steamy clip from the new film starring Heather Graham and Carrie-Anne Moss.
Of all the crazy things that went down a red carpet this week, none seemed quite as unhinged as Jessica Biel's pink confection
CBS's programming is easy-to-digest and relies heavily on legal and law enforcement procedurals. What sort of material does CBS have to fill the soon-to-be-empty slots? More of the same.
Keri Russell is returning to TV. According to EW, the "Felicity" star has joined the cast of FX's spy drama, "The Americans