The musician, writer and actress reads from "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl."
That said, where are lesbians going to get their gossip these days? The L Chat -- "Lezzie Gossip for the Elizabeth and Bertha
Feminism never touched that. Feminism meant I would go to college, that I would use birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy and that I would see women in the workplace. Feminism meant that I was aware that girls were treated differently than boys. But it never went further than that for me.
Brownstein enters a small Italian restaurant on Burnside Avenue. "I'm sorry I'm late," she says. Her work on "Portlandia
Ever wonder what Toni and Candace from "Portlandia" were like before The Feminist Bookstore? Did they stay at home reading
Season 5 of "Portlandia" will also feature a handful of celebrity cameos, including Natasha Lyonne, Anna Gunn, Greta Gerwig
Quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and each holding a special place at the heart of our culture, Lena and Carrie talked to one another as though no one was watching... and it was glorious.